is there a worldwide spiritual awakening?

the preamble:

‘it has been said that we cannot save our planet unless humankind undergoes a widespread spiritual and religious awakening. in other words, fixes won’t fix unless we fix our souls as well.’

the question:

‘would we recognize a worldwide spiritual awakening?’

another way:

‘what if there is already in place a large-scale spiritual awakening and we are simply not recognizing it?’ (blessed unrest, 184-185)

hawken’s answer:

people in NGOs are motivated by the golden rule.

during the axial age (900-200 bce), each of the great religions arrived at some version of the golden rule. during the second axial age, jesus, mohammed, and the rabbis made it central to their teaching. today, people around the world, despite our petty human selfish faults, are moved to love, for that is the basic impulse of the golden rule, of life, the universe, and everything.

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