the truth shall set you free

but first you gotta face it. in 1491, there were probably 90-112 million people living here in what we now call north and south america, some of them in clean cities with good sanitation. in the next couple of hundred years, european contact killed 98% (blessed unrest, 97). what follows in the book is a litany of crimes committed in the name of free market globalization. however, people know shit when they see it. there is a way, an ancient way, that can set us free.

‘living within the biological constraints of the earth may be the most civilized activity a person can pursue, because it enables our successors to do the same,’ hawken writes (100). ‘most of the developed world … [has] little knowledge of where our water and food come from, the impact of our cars and homes, the activities around the globe undertaken by others to support our lifestyle….’

‘the extraordinary advances made by western societies will, in the end, be subservient to the land and what it can provide and teach…. there is no reason that we cannot build an exquisitely designed economy that matches biology in its diversity, and integrates complexity rather than extinguishing it. in accomplishing this, there is much to be gained from those who have not forgotten the land.’

hawken warns (114), ‘jesus was very clear about who will inherit the earth; so, too, are most indigenous people.’

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One Response to the truth shall set you free

  1. shelleyshell says:

    Interesting last quote. Good thoughts and hope are in this blog. Thanks.

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