how to stop violence

stop being violent. practise restorative, not retributive, justice. seek to understand and make amends. teach and be taught. reconcile. it’s okay to be different, but your difference is stronger and truer if you know what you share in common. listening is one of the four language-learning skills (the other three are speaking, reading, and writing) and it is the greatest, for without listening, it can lead to….

‘war. their aim [the axial sages, 900-200 bce] was to understand the source of violence, not to combat it. all roads lead to self, psyche, thought, and mind…. enlightenment was not an end–equanimity, kindness, and compassion were’ (hawken, blessed unrest, 185). and that can only come about by listening, to your inner voice, to others, to the universe.

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