i fear

i fear this could happen again, as we slip past peak everything and fight for what’s left–writing of the american civil war, paul hawken quotes historian lewis mumford: ‘the meaning of life became less important than the means of life. there “was a necessity for inventive adaptation which turned men from the inner life to the outer one.” ‘ (blessed unrest, 44.) i fear too that the means of life will become more important than the meaning of life, although both are necessary for existence. without them, life would become mean and meaningless.

in turning from the inner life to the outer one, we turn from that which is most human. we ignore the small, quiet voice, which may be divine, which may be the universe talking to itself. true, while we’re all connected we’re still 7 billion of us. yet, ‘because there is only one of you in all time,’ wrote martha graham, ‘this expression is unique.’ i fear we could forget that uniqueness, forget our species, forget we’re even alive and become just like the unloving, uncaring rocks.

but rocks don’t fear. humans do. the antidote to fear is diversity (blessed unrest, 171-172). fear is rigid, unbending. that is its strength and its weakness. in diversity is flexibility, resilience, strength. what does social diversity look like? mental diversity?

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