purpose or purposeless–happy thoughts for canada day, eh?

barbara marx hubbard & charles eisenstein & big history hold that life has purpose and the human drama is part of the pageant, but buddhism & existentialism say reality is purposeless; however, mike bell & thomas berry & elders say it’s full of (non-anthropomorphic) purpose. it helps that they believe in a divinity. is the divine purpose–if there is one–for us to know? or can life, complexity, be purposeless yet have direction, like entropy. it seems complexity is the reverse of entropy.

tomorrow we’ll sit outside in the sun at explorers and celebrate canada day and rob’s birthday, listening to live reggae by the aptly named ‘what it is’. i wonder if they know how apt it is? probably not. probably me reading my own meaning into it, my own purposes. or are they mine? i had a glimpse the other day, but like the shimmer of that elusive green at dawn, like making music, the moment is gone and can’t be recaptured. it is what it is. the purpose of life is life. weird, eh?

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