what good is an undrained marsh anyhow?

‘the marsh might have kept on producing hay and prairie chickens …. the new overlords did not understand this…. an epidemic of ditch-digging and land-booming set in…. sun-energy out of the pleistocene shrouded the countryside in acrid smoke…. the cranes were hard put, their number shrinking with the remnants of unburned meadow. for them, the song of the power shovel came near being an elegy. the high priests of progress knew nothing of cranes, and cared even less. what is a species more or less among engineers? what good is an undrained marsh anyhow?’ (A Sand County Almanac, 106-7) most of the time, and most of the space, human eyes aren’t around. and even when they are, very few see what is. they see visions of what could be, visions empowered by energy from the past, by ‘sun-energy out of the pleistocene’. until recently, things were fine, things were mutual. the vision was small and bounded when humans were few and cranes many. it seems that we have gained knowledge but lost wisdom. what good is an undrained marsh anyhow? plenty good, if you’re a crane. or a human.

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