dusk at the gardens

sue and i spent the evening at the gardens with lots of others, getting it ready for canada day. looks great! especially phase 2. very inviting. pat was there. luke too. mike ross and his kids. lj took pics. adrian watered. howard and julie weeded. vicky hartley planted beans. nella and her daughter too. as sue pointed out: young and old, male and female. someone else contrasted communal beds built by prisoners. hopefully it’s restorative and not retributive justice.

meanwhile, bill mckibben at 350.org boasts ‘our 350 network has been breaking a lot of rules.’

it occurred to me at dusk in the gardens that i’m glad to learn about hockey sticks and limits, cuz it’s never too late for breaking rules and for truth and reconciliation.

as the ancient sunlight dims, the beat will go on, even into dusk….

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