where is sand county?

wikipedia, 2012-06-28: ‘He purchased eighty acres in the sand country of central Wisconsin. The once-forested region had been logged, swept by repeated fires, overgrazed by dairy cows, and left barren. There he put his theories to work in the field and eventually wrote his best-selling A Sand County Almanac (1949), finished just prior to his death. Leopold died of a heart attack while battling a wild fire on a neighbor’s property’–not far from minnesota, two counties south where ‘the last passenger pigeon collided with buckshot near babcock‘ (A Sand County Almanac, 13) [wikipedia, 2012-06-28: ‘Naturalist Aldo Leopold paid tribute to the vanished species in an observance held at Wyalusing State Park, Wisconsin, which had been one of the species’ social roost sites. Speaking on May 11, 1947, Leopold remarked: “Men still live who, in their youth, remember pigeons. Trees still live who, in their youth, were shaken by a living wind. But a decade hence only the oldest oaks will remember, and at long last only the hills will know.” ‘].

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