Review of ‘Be The Change’

About thirty of us gathered on this longest day of the year in the Assembly Room at the Midland Public Library to share a meal, a drink (maybe Fair Trade from Grounded Coffee?), the AGM, and a very uplifting documentary called ‘Be The Change’.

Filmed in nearby Ottawa, ‘Be The Change’ challenges each of us to live on the Earth a little more lightly. The film is filled with lots of good tips  (like growing food and composting) and a few, um, extreme ones (like riding your bike in winter). The people in the film range from high school students to CEOs, from urbanites to villagers,  from novices to old pros. With such a broad spectrum, it’s easy to see yourself being the change.

Before the film, each of the Board members–Susan, Mike, Dave, Myrtle, Linda, and David (with three board members beginning their final of five years)–performed an essential task. The members present then elected Luke Raftis to the Board to further the change.

During the discussion which followed, some of us wondered if a change of name might entice new members, but no name was yet offered. To continue the discussion, go to!forum/simcoe_huronia_association. Also wondered was whether directors had liability insurance.

Perhaps without realizing it, by watching the film, eating together, visioning and talking, even at a ho-hum AGM, we are the dreamers and this is our dream, we are the change.

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