‘i killed the goat.’

‘i killed the goat.’

english is an SVO (subject-verb-object) language.

while some others differ (for example, japanese is SOV, whereas hebrew is VSO), can you have subjects-only (thomas berry says subjectivity is one of three principles in the universe; communion and differentiation are the other two), or is the splitting of things into subjects and objects part of the illusion of duality that we humans experience? would we still kill the goat as if it were ours for the taking? you know, an object?

[a few days later…]

even within human limits, there are cultures which recognize that the goat gives its life to us so that we may live another day, but we too will die, feeding others–the predator and the prey dance together as equals. what, then, is this subject/object typology? maybe it says more about us and our language than about some of the people and languages being studied. perhaps in recognizing the dance, dancing the dance, subjectivity (principle) is increased and objectivity (illusion) is decreased.

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