The Language Of Nature

‘We need to learn again the language of nature–a language that is poetic, musical, symbolic, subjective, a language of feeling and intuition…. We can no longer learn from the literal, objective language of the old science, which reduces the world to human categories in the illusion that it explains reality to the human mind.’ ewl, 5-6.

I studied English literature and language teaching at university. More recently, I read  words of Jesus in his language–Aramaic–and learned that meaning cannot be fixed, that it moves and swirls, that it is ‘poetic, musical, symbolic, subjective’. How do you teach that? By college, it may be too late for some.

Yet, there’s a shift in worldview, ‘a deep transformation [as Surat Kumar writes] going on in the sciences [that] in time will permeate all other areas of life…. We have moved from a mechanistic view of the universe to one that is self-organizing at all levels’.

We need to evolve our language too. As Jules Cashford writes, ‘we need to learn again the language of nature’. Good thing language, like people, can change. For that which doesn’t, which remains fixed, dies.

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