it’s w.e.d.–world environment day–don’t’ya know

tho really every day is a day for the environment. it’s just not trees in parks and tigers in zoos. it’s the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the people we meet and the places in which we work, rest, and play–in short, it’s everything, and we owe it everything, but some of us treat it like nothing. still…

‘Believe it or not, World Environment Day turns 40 in 2012. Since the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) was formed in 1972, World Environment Day has been celebrated annually.’

also 40 is the little but hugely important book, The Limits to Growth. 40 years later, the smithsonian offers this review of the 1972 prediction. seems we have done little to avert tragedy. maybe diogenes is right, the world doesn’t want saving. to desire is illusory and leads to frustration. however, we must what we must. how then do we avoid frustration, or must we read ’em and weep?

stay tuned. the search continues…

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