casseroling in midland

montreal simon writes, ‘As a guy who has one foot in each solitude, I know that the Québécois tend to be a little more exuberant than Canadians in the rest of the country.

Especially when it comes to sex, or standing up for their rights. Or beating casseroles in the street in the middle of a raging thunderstorm eh?

But pas ce soir câlisse. Not tonight baby.’

in midland, a supporter noted the press ‘came by and took a photo of our group in solidarity with the casserole initiative. We also had a sign “honk in support of Quebec students” and a number of folks honked.’

i wanna add that it’s more than just about students and tuition fees; like occupy, like arab spring, people are learning to trust themselves, to find a truer source of power, which may lead to something larger still….

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