complacency in the face of devastation–just what harper wants

in the 80s haida gwai stood before bulldozers. in montreal they’re rioting in the street. in ontario, we go on as if everything’s peachy keen wonderful.

it isn’t.

most of us didn’t vote tory, yet they got a majority. and they’re using it to fast-track devastation of the environment. but can we wait til the next election and hope for something different? what if there’s nothing left to devastate? the current devastation proposed in bill c-38 is massive. it seems environmental concerns get in the way of making money–in the short term, short-sighted money-making ventures seem at odds with the environment, but in the long term money-making ventures must support the environment, else you can’t make money.

can we stand by for a few years? even some of my fellow greens think so, but isn’t that just what harper wants? so what can we do? says,

> Call, email or write:

  • Prime Minister Stephen Harper
  • Your Member of Parliament
    • Request a meeting with, write a letter to, or call your Member of Parliament
    • Contact information for Members of Parliament can be found by riding and by postal code

The best tactic is to call and request a meeting with your MP.

> Sign a Public Petition to the House of Commons (residents of Canada only, no age restriction).

> Sign an Online Petition.

  • Note: an Online Petition does not replace the Public Petition as it cannot be presented to Parliament. We encourage Canadian citizens to sign both the Public Petition and online petition. Non-Canadians may sign the online petition to voice their support for the ELA.

> Share or however you can to keep the conversation going: Twitter, Facebook, post on your blog or website.


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One Response to complacency in the face of devastation–just what harper wants

  1. I think it is a shame that for the cost to the federal treasury of only about 2 million dollars CAD per annum the government of PM Harper is willing to cancel without a national petition on how all Canad-ians, -iens, -iennes, Inuit Metis and Natives interested enough to sign the petition feel so that in these days of environmental concern prompting the University of WInnipeg to build a new building concerned with research and the educational-learning spread of environmental efforts the matter of environmental stewartship if vitally important. In fact, just two years ago, the Minister of Water Stewartship, a Lady, was honoured at the Negev Gala put on by the National Jewish Federation in June 2010 for her bringing together ecologically minded scientists from the desert in Israel near Lebanon where a stream flows and is carefully tended to preserve its impact on bringing life to a harsh desert like kind of life for botannical and agricultural plants and these scientists working with their counterparts in Canada in the E.L.A. area of Lake Winnipeg picked up perhaps some vital lessons they could take back to Israel and were able to share some lessons thay learned from their work in Israel. Must this international in scope effort come to naught due to pm Harper unwlling to spend a small sum of money by the federal gourvernement du Canada-government of Canada to promote an image abroad of how the brains assembled for a number of years in the E.L.A. have been able to show that phosphorus is the culprit and not as was onece thought nitrogen for the algal bloom stiffling the flow of oxygen from the atmosphere into the water by diffusion for animal life and plant life to flourish underwater in the fresh water environrment. Because of PM Harper’s political decision-making this finding of the importance of phosphorus to be kept out of detergent product identified by a logo officiaily marking the product as phosphorus free and other products used domestically in homes in Manitoba say in Winnipeg the provincial capital will taper off and the algal bloom might even return and the hard work of fw environmental scientists will come to naught and Lake Winnipeg will not serve as a sports attraction for recreation and real estate development and tourist fishing and swimming and sports boating and fish derbys and just having some fun on Gd’s good earth will be a thing of the past sa silence reigns in the Lake Winnipeg Area and the world community of nation-states including the Han nation-state of People’s Republic of China and Repubic of India citizens will take note that Canada is led by a government that does not care of its blessed abundance of freshwater lakes and streams and ponds to take responsible care to preserve such as rich heritage provided by the Supreamacy of God.
    merci thank you.

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