a leap of faith

to believe or not to believe, that is the question.

i think, when push comes to shove, i’m a believer, a believer in something or someone who dreamed this human adventure.

but i also agree with the atheists in that we’re essentially on our own. i mean, physically, space is vast and mostly empty. we can’t even get to the next planet, let alone the next star or galaxy. spiritually, do we have free choice, or what?

but, unlike some atheists, i think the future is very inaccurately predictable (i mean, we can’t even predict the weather with any degree of accuracy past four days).

so i have faith that we’re gonna make mistakes–a lot of them–but that making mistakes is part of something larger, something universal.

the problem is, locally, there’s no shoving. it seems like the same-old same-old. we keep doing the same old thing. meanwhile, like jim honeycutt, we slip past the point of no return.

(who was jim honeycutt? he passed the grand island bridge–the point of no return–entered the upper rapids and went over niagara falls. climate change is like that–some events may be irrevocable.)

or do i change how i look at things, and in so doing, change the things i look at?

what do i put my faith in, and in so doing, has faith in me?

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2 Responses to a leap of faith

  1. Susan Hirst says:

    You are one big question mark, peter ladage. so many questions, wonderings, musings………..was jim h. the latest to go over and survive, or some previous guy? or did he survive?

    will you ever stop questioning? would you still be you? are you fated to be unsatisfied?

    • no. he died. 1960 july 9. his passengers lived, tho. 17-year-old deanne woodward was rescued a few from the edge. her 7-year-old brother, roger, however, went over. incredibly, he lived and was picked up by the maid of the mist.

      will i ever stop questioning? i hope not. will i ever be satisfied? i hope not. not while there’s injustice, but meditation and biking help :)

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