from http://www.reocities.com/rainforest/4084/cosmolgy.htm/Thomas Berry and the New Cosmology, ed Anne Lonergan and Caroline Richards, Twenty-Third Publications, Mystic, CT 1990– ‘The reality of our present economy is that it does not bode well for either the human community or even for the planet itself in its most basic life systems.When the industrial mode of our economy disrupts the natural processes it creates an earth productivity deficit. There is also an economic deficit in excess of the 3.0 billion dollar GNP.

The myth of our economy is that the deterioration of planetary life support systems is seen as “progress”. The myths of superconsumption as quality of life drives our system despite what science tells about our limited resources and our institutions continue to place higher emphasis on sports and entertainment than sustainability.

While the discipline of caring for the earth was explained to Moses thousands of years ago, it took Aldo Leopold and Rachel Carson to stun us into recognizing what nature was telling us for decades.

Even now Congress sees the environmental movement as a threat to the economy when in fact the economy is founded on the resources it is over-exploiting (to the point that in the next generation there will be no first world nations).

Although Thomas Aquinas alerted us to the existence of a single planetary society hundreds of years ago, economics and religion are two aspects of a single earth process. Yet the current crisis (assault on the creation and extinction of its most elaborate life forms) emerged in a Christian culture without conscientious objection from the faith community.’

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