cp defined

cp=cyclical process/es

reverso–‘A cyclical process is one in which a series of events happens again and again in the same order.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language–‘Of, relating to, or characterized by cycles: a cyclic pattern of weather changes. Recurring or moving in cycles: cyclical history. Chemistry–Of or relating to compounds having atoms arranged in a ring or closed-chain structure. Botany–Having parts arranged in a whorl. Linguistics–Of, relating to, or characterized by the cycle: a cyclic application of a rule.’

thesaurus.com     happening at regular intervals; synonyms: circular, patterned, periodic, recurrent, recurring, regular, repeated, repetitive, seasonal

wordnik–“Only now can we see with clarity that we live not so much in a cosmos (a place) as in a cosmogenesis (a process) — scientific in its data, mythic in its form.”–Pax Gaia: Putting All the Peaces Together

can be both androcentric (eg, mfg’s pdca) as well as biocentric

warning! sometimes confused with circular processes, for both go around; but circular processes start again where they end, whereas cyclical processes start anew different from where they end.

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