trained seals

gratuitous baby harp seal pic

two of my children are of voting age, and the third soon will be.

voter disaffection is on the increase. this greatly concerns me. how can we speak and act democratically if the demos don’t feel represented or heard?

will my kids feel represented or heard? do i feel represented or heard, or disenfranchised, powerless, lonely, hopeless?

tonight i read in the van sun about ‘the strict control party leaders have over ordinary backbenchers, according to Queen’s University political scientist Ned Franks, an expert on Parliament and democracy.

In the United Kingdom MPs are beholden to their riding associations, not to their leaders or party brass, he said.

“Our whole system has been developed to privilege the party leaders over the constituency representation rule of the MPs. And that’s what you’re seeing here.”

An MP who takes orders from party leaders rather than constituents is probably acceptable for the minority of Canadians who support the MP’s party, he said.

“But for the rest of them, they look at the MPs as trained seals,” said Franks. “And it’s unfortunate.” ‘

so, is your mp a trained seal? in canada, free ones tent to get clubbed.

by the way, who represents or listens to seals, trained or otherwise?

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