c-38–to budget or not to budget

whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them?

this famous soliloquy is about ending it all (here’s the rest). very apt for what’s going down.

the pacific free press reports that ‘One third of Bill C-38, the federal budget bill, has repercussions for the environment. Gutting the environmental assessment regime for the proposed Enbridge pipeline and all future large energy projects has a direct impact on … on future generations of all Canadians, as do changes to eligibility for Old Age Security and employment insurance, food inspections, health-care and services for a new generation of veterans.  Fisheries habitat protection, supports for youth, archival programs that preserve Canada’s historical records … have been axed.’

and wonders, ‘Is this government acting for the public good?

what was said:

  • cut $5billion
  • increase OAS to 67
  • deep cuts to CIDA, CBC, EnvCan, StatsCan, ParksCan, Library and Archives, and DND
  • cuts too to Elections Canada, Tourism, Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • gone are Katimavik, eco-Energy home energy retrofit programme, the Polar Environmental Arctic Research Laboratory, the National Round Table on Environment and Economy (the only effort remaining within the government to develop consensus between industry and environmentalists to pursue sustainable development)
  • the National Research Council is now directed to focus on work that is ‘business-led and industry-relevant’
  • removing oversight from CSIS
  • changing entitlement to EI
  • allowing cabinet to overrule the National Energy Board (NEB)
  • changes to
    • the Fisheries Act (gutting habitat protection and restricting federal action in many instances to commercial, recreational, and Aboriginal fisheries. This essentially means that if humans aren’t catching a fish, there is no protection for its habitat),
    • the Species at Risk Act (which put the NEB in charge of permitting destruction of endangered species and their habitat along the proposed route of a pipeline),
    • the Navigable Waters Protection Act (the NWPA is amended such that pipelines are no longer considered an obstruction to navigation–even if they are)

if you’re concerned, you can go here

since i don’t follow parliament too closely, i found this piece fascinating, kinda like wondering what happens if a fish swims the other way, or someone cries out, ‘but he’s naked!’–you know, butt-naked, with his pants down

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One Response to c-38–to budget or not to budget

  1. Susan Hirst says:

    Thank you for the article link – sad but true, Harper has them all on a very short leash, and when he says jump………..what can the rest of us do to stop this madness by this government??

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