lmms (Linux MultiMedia Studio) and eternity, which may be overrated

exploring lmms (Linux MultiMedia Studio), which combines my tolerance for technology with my love for music, and allows, since it’s one-handed, for my physical disability. furthermore, it may give mental healing, which thinking about my personal and the planetary and possible eternal states of affairs hasn’t. as tl–glassblower-turned sculptor-turned painter-turned printmaker–said, eternity may be overrated. come to think of it, eternity, like tomorrow, may never come. if not now, when? is there anything more in-the-present than music?

as the buddha said, this isn’t the way to peace and happiness; peace and happiness ARE the way. what’s the 3rd noble truth? ‘Stop doing what causes suffering…. To end suffering, one must cut off greed and ignorance. This means changing one’s views and living in a more natural and peaceful way. It is like blowing out a candle. The flame of suffering is put out for good. Buddhists call the state in which all suffering is ended Nirvana. Nirvana is an everlasting state of great joy and peace. The Buddha said, “The extinction of desire is Nirvana.” This is the ultimate goal in Buddhism. Everyone can realize it with the help of the Buddha’s teachings. It can be experienced in this very life.’  however, to desire desirelessness is a paradox of being human, says dr reichmann. i must be very human–with plenty of karma to boot.

[the next day]

the problem is, i’m going against type: i’m a sidesman, a supporter; musically, i’m an analog guy–this smacks too much of left-brain programming; i’m also impatient, but this may take years to master, and i’m already pretty good with words, not this lmms, so what am i doing trying to master a synth?


i’m also a creator, a composer; my disability seems to extend into the analog, so is digital better than nothing; and finally, patience is a virtue, ask me how i feel in a few years, or existentially, what does it matter but to love?

my earworm is ‘i, robot’ by the alan parsons project

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