birthday present, past, and future

i just turned 50. it’s kinda like meno/andropause–there’s good news, and there’s bad news. and i was worried about my teenager. turns out she’s gotta worry about me.’…

’At some point, usually around the age of 50 and 60, [some of us] begin to turn inward again. We seek to regain the sense of intrinsic worth and connectedness we recall dimly from infancy – a feeling of belonging that we put aside in the struggle to shape our lives in the outer world. As we reflect on our lives we may find that in the course of our struggle we have damaged our environment – especially our relationships with friends and family – damage that may need to be repaired as part of our journey….The third stage [of life, following youth and adulthood] is the return to the immersive oneness, but this time with full consciousness rather than the infant’s undeveloped awareness. As we travel this new path, we may find that in our previous unconscious state we have done spiritual damage to ourselves and the world around us. The damage may have been caused by our unawareness or even rejection of the sense of the sacred. In order to continue on the path we must try to repair that damage.’ [yet, he (paul chefurka) also writes, we must celebrate, too]

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  1. a reader comments that ‘I think I began my introspection at a much younger age… perhaps forced… about age 40 when I was training to be a therapist… part of the process forced us to look inside… around 45, I took training in guided imagery, which pushed me even further.
    Around 50,’ doing a stats course, he noted that introspection ‘could be measured objectively, and much of that looks outside oneself at the world and measurable behaviors.’

    my introspection was forced, too, around 46, by my solitary time in rehab. i wonder, if i hadn’t had a brain injury then, if i’d be as introspective now, with one daughter still in high school.

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