c-38: the budget or the environment?

the greens wonder how a bill can be a budget proposal if ‘fully 30% of the 420 page bill is actually not about the budget at all.’

that 30% ‘attacks environmental legislation,

  • repealing the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and introducing an entirely new approach to environmental assessment.
  • It also re-writes the Fisheries Act,
  • the Species at Risk Act,
  • and the Navigable Waters Protection Act.
  • It also repeals the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act,
  • and cancels outright the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy.’

what can you do? get pissed off. stay pissed off, while you channel your, um, piss. here are some suggestions:

Write a letter to the editor
Write a letter to your MP
Sign a Petition

the blog goes on: ‘This will forever change Canada’s natural environment with devastating effects on our future, and that of our children.’

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