stop drinking bottled water

it’s a scam. in a blind taste test, the majority of torontonions thought the tap water was the bottled water. it wasn’t. and it’s less tested–tap is tested 5 times a day; bottled–which is often just filtered tap–is classified as a food and only has to be tested every 3-6 years. sometimes, it contains microbes–especially if it’s imported (and why are we importing water? talk about bringing coal to newcastle!) you pay an exorbitant price for something that’s practically free; plastic bottles need to be recycled or they become trash; aquifers are being depleted; many people around the world lack safe drinking water, a basic human right, yet we treat it like a commodity, a luxury. why? the water bros have a show online and a free app–quench–for your phone that instantly connects you to the nearest water fountain or water bottle refill location in the GTA. view evalyn parry’s spoken word poem, bottle this!

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