‘Perhaps you have children who need to be fed and collected from school, a husband or wife who is hard to please, or a difficult and demanding job. Each one of us has responsibilities and things that have to be done. We cannot just go off on a holiday. And yet true inner freedom cannot be found unless the body is given time to rest. If our bodies and minds are tense and stressed, then the real work of liberation cannot happen.’–ironic i read this at 1:24am–Jean Vanier, Seeing Beyond Depression, p. 63

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2 Responses to ‘Rest’

  1. suehirst says:

    yes, ironic. vacations are important to me, not to relax, but to experience new things, be in the moment – of the moment- somewhere different, commune with nature, maybe meet new people. and see lots more birds, of course…:)

    but i don’t feel rested after our 3 days away, i feel tired and overfed and car-lagged.

  2. me neither–you did a lot of driving. human-noise at all hours and poor sleep–little rest…

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