circular thinking doesn’t equal cyclical thinking

a cycle can be a circle, or a helix, or a spiral, or both, or ???–last night’s brain fart. let’s explore.

thomas berry writes that cosmogenesis is this era’s greatest idea. what is cosmogenesis? it is a cosmology with a beginning and an end. it replaces the steady-state, circular, eternal cosmology.

is cosmogenesis the same as cyclical thinking?

rather than replacing the circle with a straight or meandering line, perhaps cosmogenesis combines the line and the circle–a helix or a spiral, perhaps. heraclitus said you can’t step in the same river twice–an acknowledgement of a river’s linear nature–but its water has been circling around for billions of years.

like light, which presents as both a particle and a wave, perhaps we would do better to view reality as dual, as having both circularity and linearity, as at times baffling or just plain weird.

once we get used to the idea, we can have our cake and eat it too. we can have novelty and recurring regularity. once we get used to it.

novelty affords creativity, the mystery of the unknown; regularity provides predictability, the comfort of the known.

one could be wisdom, the other love. life, says nisargadatta, is a journey between the two. similarly, first nation elders say sometimes the longest journey is between the head and the heart.

(if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you may notice some repetition. sometimes i’m trying different ways of expressing the same thing. also, once i find a really good idea, it sticks to me like glue. sometimes, there’s a subtle addition or new association, like love with creativity with mystery, or nisargadatta’s wisdom with elders’ wisdom.)

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