it’s raining. if i were born ten thousand or a hundred thousand years ago, would i seek shelter in a cave or under a tree? instead, i’m in a 21st-century house, after a morning of out-and-abouting: to the bank to pay my cra remittance, to mind’s alive for bristol board to make a portfolio for my fp, to the mpl where i posted my stillpoint questionnaire, and to gc, where i saw sarah and kyle and nic and had coffee with sh and jf. the stuff we’re made of–hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, etc–is long-lasting; but the stuff we feel and think lasts only a brief while–then what? is this where faith comes in? what if you never know, never have faith, or you lose faith? what if faith carries you in times of uncertainty? wouldn’t that be nice? but it doesn’t relieve you. like the rain, it won’t last forever, but it’ll be back. have faith.

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