laughable us

i’ve searched the world, looking for wisdom, and found this: ‘I can’t help but be awed by the stupidity of humanity. Really, it’s surprising our specie has survived this long.’ [jazz, on xup]. instead of resorting to mouth-gaping cynicism, tho, i’m trying to laugh more. why? well, first of all, it feels so good. second, who knows what the future will bring–we can’t even predict the weather accurately. third, stupidity can hurt, laughter can heal (but not stupid laughter). i agree with jean vanier: we’re pretty laughable: ‘…there is something funny about humanity. Little as we are, poor as we are, we are called to be brothers and sisters of God. It seems so ludicrous and wonderful, so crazy and so ecstatic. Everything seems upside down!’ ( Community and Growth, p. 317). i’m not so sure that we’re that stupid, as jazz says, nor, as vanier says, we’re called. or are we? and if we are, what does it matter? who’s to say? somebody on the internet?

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