‘an example of following your bliss’–(why reinvent the wheel?)

‘I imagine Albert Einstein getting lectured by his boss in the Swiss patent office: “Al, you’re never going to get anywhere doodling at your desk—you need good work habits like Mueller over there. Come on, focus!” And maybe Einstein thought, “You know, he’s right. I won’t play around with Relativity tonight, I’ll take home a copy of ‘Patents Today’ magazine and study up. If I work hard I might even get a promotion.” But instead he was drawn to his equations, and his magazine was left unopened. His creative genius didn’t come from disciplining himself to do what was prudent, practical, and secure, but from fearless devotion to his passion. So it is with all of us.’–eisenstein

to do this it helps to know who you are, and what’s up. in fact, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, since the buddha did this long ago.

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