among the dead

trike report:

today i went triking to the cemetery and spent some time among the dead. nice place to visit, but i wouldn’t want to rest there for eternity. i don’t plan on it. i plan on being cremated, after my cadaver is used for science.

been in midland since 1991, but i’ve never been here, to the cemetery. driven past hundreds of times, been to funeral parlours, but not to the cemetery. nice place, if you’re not grieving, i guess. peaceful. kinda sombre, but full of black humour. i’ll go back.

also went to geri n bill’s. at least i think it was their place. and met judy, mark’s wife across the road.

this morning, made whole wheat apple-and-spice muffins, which made the dog very happy.

at 2, bob picked me up for an ootc deputation to tay in the hbr. (we went sight-seeing, too, going to port and waub.) bob used humour and introduced at least a half-dozen volunteers from tay (not including me). he gained official township support and $1,000.00.

from serious thru community to romantic comedy, but really more community, tonight at the hmff’s salmon fishing in the yemen by halle lassestrom and starring (nearly middle-aged?) ewan mcgregor and emily blount–but the real stars were convos with lw and js, both of whom i haven’t seen for years, as well as ll, km, jw, and pt-w

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