turtle island syncretism

turtle island is the native name for north america and an identification of humans with the earth, a gift to the world. add eastern thinking and shamanistic p-o-v, a dash of this and a pinch of that, and voila! turtle island reborn! gary snyder wrote in 1995, ‘native american religious beliefs, although not identical coast to coast, are overwhelmingly in support of a full and sensitive acknowledgement of the subjecthood–the intrinsic value–of nature. … the 20th-c syncretism of the ‘turtle island view’ gathers ideas from buddhism and taoism and the lively details of worldwide animism and paganism. … buddhism teaches impermanence, suffering, compassion, and wisdom…. much of animism and paganism celebrates the actual, with its inevitable pain and death…. add contemporary ecosystem theory and envtl hist to this, and you get a sense of what’s at work.’ is this part of the 8th fire prophecy? the nature reader, 189

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