‘We Each Have Cycles’

‘Yes, each one of us with our bodies, our hearts, our minds, is beautiful. Each one of us has our own cycle of growth which brings with it ups and downs, summers and winters, good times and bad times; setbacks and times of drought are part of life. They are phases we have to go through, and a new start is always possible.’–Jean Vanier, Seeing Beyond Depression, p. 43

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2 Responses to ‘We Each Have Cycles’

  1. suehirst says:

    yes, ups and downs, highs and lows, the rollercoaster of life. how well can we hang on,and not get bashed around and hurt too much? it’s the sharp curves i have trouble with…..they are disorienting, such as sudden changes. or is that the downward rush of a hill? now i’m feeling dizzy………..

  2. the thing is, i guess, is ups and downs are a part of life–but you have to be wary of them, for, according to buddhism, they are symptomatic of suffering. buddhism offers the noble 8-fold path as way to not suffer. do you explore this in yoga?

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