the teacher was the sea

the teacher was the sea is the title of one my favourite books, a real touchstone, given to me by my father, i don’t think he knew what he gave. unchaperoned on a field trip, why can’t the teacher be the sea? similarly, eisenstein writes, ‘Nature will be our teacher, not the object of our dominion, for we will realize that its beauty and complex wholeness is beyond our rational, reductionistic and hence control-enabling understanding.’

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2 Responses to the teacher was the sea

  1. suehirst says:

    so true……..some try so hard to dominate, control, keep the “bad weeds” out, but at what point is the natural world “natural”? Have we messed it up, changed it beyond what it was before, or is it constantly changing anyway?

  2. constantly changing, eh? we have to do our best with who we are and use what we’re gifted and trust in tomorrow

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