eisenstein writes, ‘play is always serious for kids, as well as for adults who have not forgotten how’–i feel 12, have felt that way for nearly forty years. i liked my schooling, and i liked my work–turns out  that’s pretty rare. ‘A life at play is a timeless life.’ i have little sense of time and timeliness becomes less important.

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2 Responses to play

  1. suehirst says:

    What work did you like – computer programming?
    I wasn’t thrilled with school, but had some good times. My work as a travel agent was fun, and as a coordinator at MARC it was fullfilling and challenging. My year at the Wye Marsh was a treat.

  2. started out as a typesetter, then a tech writer, then a programmer, then a development manager. got better as i got older, tho i missed the focus of pure programming. at 45, i was switching careers to become an esl teacher. but now, at 50, i’m a community activist, i guess. what was it about working at the wye marsh you liked?

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