‘6 Scary Energy Sources Being Tapped to Fuel the Post Peak Oil Economy’

fracking was only the beginning. this article says we’re addicted, and like crackheads, ‘these are wildly irresponsible, terribly dangerous processes that only an addiction-maddened mind would contemplate, and only a greed-addled sociopath would execute. Think of this as taking fracking to the next level so that we can continue to speed along on our highway to hell—peak oil, and the earth, be damned.’ i know it’s scary and daunting; however, only if we know can we choose, can we change. consider, too, that while ignorance may be (short-lived) bliss, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. as a culture, we may be addicted to oil, but individuals want good, not greed; there are other, less toxic cultures; overwhelming? there are many to share the load. anyway, here goes….

  1. Light Tight Oil (LTO)–also known as “Tight Light Oil” and “Tight Shale Oil.” The extraction technology and the environmental problems it causes, are much the same as those we see with natural gas fracking
  2. Utlra Deepwater Pre-Salt Oil  (PSO)
  3. Tar Sands
  4. Offshore Arctic Oil
  5. Shale Oil–Not to be confused with LTO, this “oil” is solid, and it’s embedded in shale, which is technically a rock. Think mining for gold. Only in this case, the riches embedded in rock come in the form of kerogen, which is converted to synthetic oil after the rock is mined and brought to a processing plant where it is cooked to almost 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit…
  6. Nuclear–plug in your car? your fridge? your toaster? to what?
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