a doc night

  • watched a doc about the struggle to site 9 big wind turbines in the beautiful countryside of devon, england–hang on to your hats, to be continued…
  • another about building cities, like LA and istanbul, and whole civilizations, like ancient minoa, on fault lines–and the deal we make in so doing
  • finally, the water brothers take us to the caribbean reef, greatly, greatly affected by climate, acidification, and over-fishing–like reefs everywhere
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2 Responses to a doc night

  1. Mary B says:

    Do y ou find these docs make you feel less hopeful?

  2. yes and no. yes, it seems we are plundering the planet and running up a huge debt [i hate debt]; no, ignorance just means we’ll probably make the same mistakes [i hate mistakes]. the docs are about real issues affecting you and me and our kids–not about some rich guys on skates or some deluded folk spinning some televised wheel of fortune.

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