water can save us

isn’t it ironic that on the hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the titanic, with over 1500 drowned, i read how water can save us? the titanic was a technological marvel, supposedly a triumph over nature, unsinkable. even if it was human error that caused the sinking, still we had faith in technology’s salvation. still do, despite the warnings, the sinkings, the melting glaciers and ice caps, the rising co2 levels and ocean levels, the floods and tsunamis.

wouldn’t it be better to align ourselves with the rest of nature, and be friends with water, instead of fire? much of electricity and combustion is based on fire, which is linear, consuming resources and leaving wastes. but water is not linear–it cycles endlessly, converting solar energy into renewable mechanical energy. we can use it, and avoid that sinking feeling.

how can water save us? as both a model and a metaphor. charles eisenstein in the ascent of humanity writes, ‘Underlying the future technological economy will be principles of interdependence, cyclicity, abundance, and the gift mentality. Can you think of a better simile for all four of these principles, than that they are like water? Water, upon which all depends. Water, which moves in cycles. Water, abundant to ubiquity. Water, bringing the gift of life. Our dependence on water—the fact that we are made mostly of water—denies the primary conceit of civilization, that we are separate from nature or even nature’s master. No more nature’s master are we, than we are the master of water!’

he notes that ‘water [–keep in mind that hail, a glacier, or an iceberg is frozen water–] is also the nemesis of control. Seeking out the tiniest crack, nothing can hold it in. As waves in the ocean, it destroys any bulwark. Whereas fire burns clean and purifies what it touches, water makes a mess.’

we are bags of mostly water. we drink, we sweat, we inhale and exhale, we float in an amniotic sack all our lives. it wouldn’t surprise me too much if heaven were like the ocean (whereas hell we picture as a place of fire). more than cloudy–we. waterly. maybe even fishful. fish for angels! it wouldn’t surprise (too much) if god/dess had gills.

excuse me, my bladder’s full. i leave you with that guy, eisenstein, again: ‘Perhaps the most profound transformation of the Age of Water will be in our spirituality—how we relate ourselves to the universe …, an age in which we treat the earth and everything in it as sacred. At the same time, water teaches us that the unique spirit of any bit of matter is not discrete and separate from the rest of reality. Like all things including ourselves, water takes on the spiritual qualities of everything that surrounds it; thanks to its ubiquity and receptivity, it is also the medium of this communion of all with all. Unique we are, each one of us, yet no more separate than two drops of water in the ocean. The Age of Separation comes to an end with the dawning of the Age of Water.’

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