the world at war

the world went to war in 1939 and has not stopped. oh sure, there were big bangs in hiroshima and nagasaki in 1945, but war whimpers on, 67 years later.and we’re all connected to it. my little town in central ontario (where?) is on some russian icbm map cuz we make cruise missile parts.

did i say whimper? hardly. boastful. loud. proud to carry a gun, push a button, post a dehumanizing pic.

many technologies developed for war have found ‘peace’-time markets–the internet or nuclear energy, for example. some have been internalized, like PCBs in our bodies. others, such as DDT, have been exported.

the ironic thing is that much of this knowledge, developed at universities, is freely available. you can make a pipe-bomb in the garage, napalm in the basement. just cuz you can doesn’t mean you have to. you could instead write a lyric or determine if 331 is a prime.

but war itself continues unabated. remember when the draft was unnecessary, then only temporary? of course you don’t–before your time. just cuz the war isn’t on our doorstep and we’re not fighting in the streets doesn’t mean it’s not happening and we’re not complicit in it.

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