rhyme and reason

in the phantom tollbooth, rhyme AND reason have both been banished from the kingdom. in today’s universities, even in an arts and science program, have the arts been usurped by the sciences?

from ‘Broken Kingdom–Fifty years of “The Phantom Tollbooth.”’
by Adam Gopnik
–‘What Milo discovers is that math and literature, Dictionopolis and Digitopolis, should assume their places not under the pentagon of Purpose and Power but under the presidency of Rhyme and Reason. Learning isn’t a set of things that we know but a world that we enter.’

from the ascent of humanity by charles eisenstein–‘In the absence of certainty, reason will lose its primacy as the royal road to truth and resume its rightful place as one of several modes of knowledge…. Analysis and reason cannot know. They can explore, break apart, reflect, but it is not theirs to know or to choose. They cannot apprehend all the qualities ….Science and reason are blind. Without the heart’s guidance their methods are equally capable of good and of evil. Remember that the Holocaust was conducted according to a terrible logic with the utmost rational efficiency. According to a particular choice of first principles, the whole thing was perfectly reasonable. Similarly, enormous scientific and engineering efforts today go toward the manufacture of armaments, harmful chemicals, trashy consumer goods, and all the other instruments of planetary despoliation and cultural impoverishment—again, all in accordance with an implacable economic logic.’

juster (via gopnik)–‘“Many of the things I’m supposed to know seem so useless that I can’t see the purpose in learning them at all,” Milo complains to Rhyme and Reason. They don’t tell him to listen to his inner spirit, or trust the Force. Instead, Reason says, “You may not see it now, but whatever we learn has a purpose and whatever we do affects everything and everyone else. . . . Whenever you learn something new, the whole world becomes that much richer.”’

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