‘fear’ is a 4-letter word, but so is ‘love’

which rules your heart?

fear, especially fear of death, can keep us from those we love.

but if we accept we’re going to die and not fear death, then we can love life, truly madly deeply.

however, sometimes you should approach your fear (a sign! a sign!), and shun your love (which may turn out to be an addiction).

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One Response to ‘fear’ is a 4-letter word, but so is ‘love’

  1. Mary B says:

    great words…during a challenge, i sometimes wonder “Is this block in my way since i am to back off, surrender or change direction or is it in my way to puch through it? It can cause me stress and then I pause (or meditate and journal and talk about it for a while) and realize all options will teach me something and if there is a lesson to be learned it will come my way again. When I am dealing with the fall out of a life threatrning illness..the stakes iin my decision process feel higher.

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