Canada’s time is now. We are the superpower. Not the U.S., not China.


Because we have the oil and we have the water.

So it has some possible side effects. Like killing people. But they’re just Indians. In Northern Alberta. Not Calgary. Not Ottawa.

Treaties? Between nations? Between equals? What treaties?

Oh. And the federal budget came down. Don’t know what it has to do with environmental review, but that’s been streamlined. I guess the environment, darn thing, got in the way of making money.

Bruce Cockburn prophesied, ‘and it’s open for business like a cheap bordello.’ That’s the new Canada. Whore.

Except, as you can see, beauty is no protection. And your sex may make you a target for rape and other forms of violence.

We may have the oil and the water, but we are powerless–not just before NAFTA, the U.S., and China, but perhaps before something larger.

As we approach Easter, I am reminded of a line in Jesus Christ Superstar: ‘everything is fixed and you can’t change it’, echoed by Charles Eisenstein’s claim that ‘the horrifying course of human history was built into who we were, and through its passage we are becoming something different and greater. Collectively and as individuals, we are being born into a new self.’

Sarah McLachlan perhaps sang it best, though I don’t think she was thinking of an energy descent: ‘it’s a long way down to where we started from.’

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