physicists seek unity thru a grand unified theory; anna wulf seeks unity thru the golden notebook; buddhists seek unity too, knowing multiplicity is an illusion and attachment–kill it!

to that end (or on this journey?) i seek to unify my blurbs, my many blogs, here. i seek to blurb in the main less often. to that end i classify some of my blurbs as quotes, or reviews, or timelines, or themes, or journal entries, or good ol’  brainfarts. (oh yeah, to read and see what others think, check out links.) i hope to add to existing posts rather than create new ones, and edit more often, as walt whitman did with leaves of grass. so probably my posts will be fewer but longer.

how can something be both new and improved? if it is an improvement doesn’t it have to have some link to the old? what’s new or improved, anyway?

for starters, everything’s in one place–blurbs, quotes, reviews, timelines, journal events, etc.–which makes searching easier. one-stop searching. makes posting easier, too.

second, many of these things–blurbs, quotes, reviews, timelines, journal events, etc–will be grouped under pages.

that means, third, main posts should be less frequent–i’m going to aim at one a week–less is more, especially less readin’n’writin’ and more time away from my posts. like joni sang, got to get back to the garden and set my soul free.

but that was over forty years ago. there may be no going back. only going forward. but what have we learned? what if we still have the same problem. charles eisenstein says in the ascent of humanity that we need to redefine our sense of self. perhaps we have been too selfish, and we need to redefine ourselves in relationship with the rest of nature.

it helps if a writer has a reader. or at least an intended reader. to whom do i write? to myself, for play, for creative expression, for therapy or healing. for you. forever. for now. for fun, serious fun.

five years after her death, we hung my mother’s quilt. it shows four scenes: orcas underwater, towering trees, mountains and islands at sunset, and cormorants and a golden eagle fishing–all bordered in blue with a crimson red backing. something in me wants to assign them to the four classical elements of earth, air, wind, and fire–the organizing motif in my undergrad major paper–but it’s a force-fit. yes, there are four, but there’s a lot of water–hey! where’s water among the four elements? water vapour? nah! seems kinda strange to miss water yet include air, coming from a water-logged country like greece. what, then, could the four scenes represent, at least to me? life–birds, mammals, trees, large invertebrates (octopus, starfish)–its supports–water, air, earth–and our ultimate energy source, the sun.

when i face my mother’s quilt, i face her legacy and her mortality, the memory of her and her death. i too will die and leave only memories–as far as i know. and someday, the memories too shall whither, leaving nothing. or perhaps anonymous faint traces, like cosmic background radiation?

what then, would i like to leave behind that might survive as an anonymous faint trace? love. ‘love your god with all your heart, and love one another as i have loved you,’ said jesus.

but where does love comes from? is it mere thinking? does it define us, cogito ergo sum? is it one with the soul? does either exist eternally, or at least beyond human death? why are we social beings, and why do we care for one another? also, why do kill each other and other forms of life? consciousness, community, compassion–what paul chefurka calls the 3Cs. do i ask unanswerable questions (even if they are, is this a futile thing to do?) stay tuned while take a gander.

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One Response to unify

  1. suehirst says:

    Your mother knew you, knew what would be meaningful to you. What a wonderful legacy to be left by a parent. You’re very fortunate (I almost said “blessed” but that sounds too religious for me…). We need to get back to the garden, starting with the real thing, food grown in our own little plots. Community gardens, walks in the wild, noticing nature around us, large and small. Starlings in the treetops warbling away in the cold and rain. A worm on the road, probably destined to die unless it can get back into the ground. And water, life-giving, death-bringing with a powerful force from the sea. We humans think we;re in charge – huh! – the Earth will prove us wrong on that score.

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