wisdom is more than just knowing yourself (introspection). you gotta know too how the world works (extroversion)–and not in some machiavellian/metternichtian sense–i mean how things really work, everywhere, all the time. i think it’s far from random.

in fact, i’m convinced everything’s interconnected, and thus every action has a consequence. yet, since we don’t know what’s gonna happen, can’t see the future, our choices are neither determined nor random but creative.

entropy–the movement from higher energy to lower (energy expense as it were), from complexity to simplicity–is real, but it’s only part of the picture. life works in reverse. life requires energy, builds complexity out of simplicity. quarks and atoms are pretty simple, immutable, eternal. consciousness is complex, changeable, ephemeral. yet only with consciousness can we choose. we have to choose–we have no choice. aren’t we lucky? we have free choice. the past is done, and still we have options for the future. the options, far from being random, are possible only because of the past.

i guess that makes me a serious guy, except i know what’s really happening, i hope. i know what’s really funny. some say humour, along with paradox and change, is present everywhere in the universe. fear and frustration are signs. so are love and trust. if i encounter fear or frustration, it’s a sign i gotta change my view of either myself or the world. on the other hand, if i encounter love or trust, it’s a sign i’m on the right path. love and trust are rising while fear and frustration are subsiding. stay tuned.

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