the day

  • d and i made bran muffins
  • like summer, wore shorts
  • triked–l d, l i, r h, l m, l cedar, l l, l r, l l, r c, r o, r a, l l, r m, r h, l j, r d–saw rakes, blue jay–fell off ramp, rescued by tina, jay, and mark
  • saw ah; still, things don’t add up
  • The Gift of Wonderment

    People who have spent a long time in community tend to forget what is beautiful in it. They may have lost the gift of wonderment. They need to be renewed by listening to the sense of wonder in the younger people who feel called to commit themselves to the community. The sense of wonderment in the young can blend with the fidelity, wisdom and ability to listen of the older members to make a community which is really beautiful.

    Jean Vanier, Community and Growth, p. 255′

  • went to marc for mootc
  • watched a serious doc on maude barlow and a comic/serious one by Billy Connolly: Journey to the Edge of the World – Episode 3
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