excerpt–ultimately, i seek peace of mind thru true understanding of the universe within my limits. problem is, i don’t know my limits. i’m hoping meditation can help me. the buddha set down a way (the dharma). if i follow it i need guidance and community (sangha).

what do i mean by community? i don’t think a monastic order is in order,  but i’m becoming less enchanted with democracy. i prefer a ‘biocracy’, which i guess makes me a misanthrope. when i die, my thoughts may disappear and my body may feed worms, but while i’m alive, i’d like to love and be loved freely, and that’s tough in this culture that commodifies love. so i’m hoping to find like-minded people, a community, to test that and put it into practise. but how like-minded is like-minded?

that’s the high road.

the low road is i’ve got, like everyone else, or most everyone else, personal demons, and i want meditation and community to help either run away (murkify) or run towards (clarify) my demons (problems). i may not be able to  save the world, but i might be able to save myself. that’s a good start. maybe an end, too.

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