no news is good news

i lived without it for over two years. still, i found out. people told me, like some volcano in iceland. or mj dying. or at times i was misinformed, but it didn’t matter.

however,  am i ready to go cold turkey on the internet? since i’m a vegetarian, there’s no cold turkey for me. but how, then? the bokers do without, but i assume they never had, in the first place. and i make all kinds of allowances for my brain injury, but is that ethical?

i mean, when you really think about it, the internet, and all of technology, is secondary to your identity. or have you merged with tech, become one with the transistor, with the wheel, with fire?

i mean, we’re the only animal that eats cooked food. all others eat raw food–raw meat or raw veg. raw carrots and no internet. what’s wrong with that?

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