oh, one of my blogging purposes is studying. this month i’m reading and learning about buddhism–

The two main goals of Buddhism

  • to know ourselves
    • we have two natures
      • ordinary nature–unpleasant feelings such as fear, anger, and jealousy
      • true nature–the part of us that is pure, wise, and perfect. In Buddhism, it is called the Buddha nature
  • to learn the Buddha’s teachings


1. Nothing is lost in the universe–conservation

2. Everything Changes–change

3. Law of Cause and Effect–karma

The 4 Noble Truths

  1. There is suffering in life common to all
  2. We ourselves cause our own suffering
  3. We can stop suffering
  4. We can stop suffering by following the 8-Fold Path, AKA The Middle Way

The 8-Fold Path

the 8-fold path is symbolized by the 8-spoke wheel. the spokes represent the 8 paths, and the hub the end of suffering. just as a wheel needs all its spokes to stay true, we must walk all 8 paths simultaneously to reach the end of suffering.

  1. right view
  2. right thought
  3. right speech
  4. right conduct
  5. right livelihood
  6. right effort
  7. right mindfulness
  8. right concentration

they come in 3 groups:

  1. right perception–we must perceive reality for what it is–the first 2 paths
  2. right behaviour–people can only perceive what we do–the second 3 paths
  3. right thinking–we are what we think–the last 3 paths

the 3 supports–the Triple Jewel

  1. the buddha–teacher
  2. the dharma–teaching
  3. the sangha–community


i go for refuge in the buddha, the enlightened teacher; i commit myself to enlightenment.
i go for refuge in the dharma, the spiritual teachings; i commit myself to the truth as it is.
i go for refuge in the sangha, the spiritual community; i commit myself to the enlightened life

the Five Precepts

  1. No killing–Respect for life
  2. No stealing–Respect for others’ property
  3. No sexual misconduct–Respect for our pure nature
  4. No lying–Respect for honesty
  5. No intoxicants–Respect for a clear mind

the six paths of rebirth

  1. gods
  2. humans
  3. asuras
  4. animals
  5. hungry ghosts
  6. hell-beings

the three poisons

  1. greed
  2. hatred
  3. stupidity

four stages of enlightenment

  1. Buddhas– perfect in enlightenment.
  2. Bodhisattvas– enlighten themselves as well as others.
  3. Pratyekabuddhas– hermits who retreat from the world to enlighten themselves.
  4. Arhats– enlighten themselves.

Two main schools of Buddhism

  1. Theravada
    • means ‘the teaching of the Elders’
    • the goal in Theravada Buddhism is to become an Arhat, a person who is free of suffering.
    • Theravada is practiced mainly in southern Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar (Burma).
  2. Mahayana
    • means ‘Great Vehicle’
    • the goal in Mahayana Buddhism is to follow the Bodhisattva Path.
    • Mahayana mainly spread to northern Asian countries like China, Tibet, Korea, Vietnam and Japan.

Recently, both Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism have been introduced into the West.

The Three Marks of Existence

  • impermanence
  • suffering
  • not-self

sources: wikipedia, City of Ten Thousand Buddhas

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