the bitter truth about chocolate

12 year-old Ouare Fatao Kwakou, former slave chocolate picker

we watched the passionate eye, a doc show on cbc–this week, for halloween no doubt, chocolate: the bitter truth . i did not know chocolate involved child slave labour. i’m a chocoholic, but i’ll never buy or bite another bar unless it’s fairly traded.

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3 Responses to the bitter truth about chocolate

  1. Shelley Essaunce says:

    After reading the link, I wanted a bite of chocolate, so I checked out what I had. 2 of the 3 bars I had were Fair Trade Certified, USDA Organic and one was Objective Carbon Zero. Lindt chocolate, as good as it is, will not be purchased by me until it can verify that it is Fair Trade chocolate. Thanks for the info Peter. I love learning about social issues from friends I respect. : )

  2. let lindt know how you feel! for that matter, i should too! dairy milk, kit kat, only the beginning!

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