conservation trends

conservation trends noted by the Conservation Council of Ontario–

‘First, conservation is a strong a cultural value now as it was 60 years ago when the Conservation Council was founded.  We may call it by different names, and the way we conserve has evolved dramatically (both in terms of actions, support services, and technology).

Second, when asked for a “top-of-mind” to the word “conservation”, the majority of people gave answers that reflected resource or nature issues.  Very few gave a response that would indicate that conservation is a lifestyle choice, even though we all practice conservation in our daily lives.

Third, when given a definition of conservation as “living better while using less”, a high percentage of the public could see a strong connection between conservation and the economy, the cost of living, of health care, and other social priorities.

Fourth, we gave people four options for the role they would like to see government play in creating a strong future for Ontario.  Only 12% called for smaller government, and 16% felt that it should be a catalyst for voluntary change.  35% wanted government to provide programs and services, and 30% made legislation and standards their top priority.  Asked about taxes, only 14% wanted lower taxes, and 59% felt taxes should remain the same.

Put these points together, and you will see that there is a very strong public desire to see Ontario shift to a green future, and that voters are looking for policy that provides a consistent approach to conserver values throughout the platform, be it in food, energy, transportation, urban development, education, health care, or jobs and the economy.  People have made a personal commitment to conserve, and they are looking for support.  That makes conservation a far more powerful election issue than the environment (which is polling as a low provincial priority).’

source: cco  email

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