isec–international society for ecology & culture

  • raise awareness about what it identifies as the root causes of contemporary social, environmental and economic crises.
  • focusing on single issues – saving whales, blocking nuclear power plants, feeding the hungry, etc. – only overwhelms people and ultimately fails as a strategy.
  • societies must focus on the fundamental forces that create or exacerbate all these problems. Among those forces are economic globalization, corporate power, and conventional notions of technological and economic “progress”.
  • ISEC promotes economic localization and other locally based alternatives to the global consumer culture, which protect both biological and cultural diversity.

Over the years, the organisation’s focus has expanded to address more global concerns and in 1991 changed its name to the International Society for Ecology and Culture to reflect that shift. We have made advocating for localization the main priority of our work. ISEC is almost unique in promoting localization from an international perspective – showing the benefits for the Third World as well as for the First World, and promoting the local, globally.


sources: isec, wikipedia

…more to come!

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