becoming a vegetarian. now what?

when i was a teenager i made a sign and put it up in my room. it read, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT and i became vegetarian. at first, it was personal; i was reading a bike book about a family that used to have the typical american lunch of burgers and fries until they lightened up. i can’t remember if they went veggie, but i did. there was a health food store called ‘james” and i bought a really small (like, 32 pages, softcover, line-drawings but no photos) recipe book, which taught me the basics of protein complementarity, and recipe for lentil soup that i make to this day. but feminism and ecology have shown me that the personal is political and the political is personal, and so YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT takes on another layer of meaning. i play down the political reasons for being a veggie, because first of all i’m usually a mild-mannered guy, and secondly because i feel like i’m proselytising. but maybe i should speak up more.

addendum 2012-09-15 chose not to become vegan

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  1. >Now that we have the market, and Karma, I'm thinking of moving to eating only locally grown meats from trusted farms…. because I like meat and I don't want to go cold….er…… carrot. But you know what is one of my big drives towards actual vegetarianism? Vegetarians smell so good, sweet.

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